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Welcome to TEATRON

Our 2014 – 2015 season

TEATRON Toronto Jewish theatre is a not for profit company established on May 12, 2002 to address the unique needs of the Jewish and the general community in Toronto as well as in other communities in Ontario.

TEATRON is more than just a theatre; it is a full programme designed to promote the Jewish tradition, history, philosophy and way of life, educating and promoting Jewish values to the entire community, particularly important in these days, when anti-Semitism and racism are again raising their ugly heads around the world.

TEATRON carefully selects its material and the way it is presented, exposing the participants to Jewish life in an accessible and thought provoking format.

TEATRON emphasizes new Canadian Jewish plays as well as establish contemporary plays and plays from the Yiddish theatre. Check out our past seasons

TEATRON’s programs encourage audience involvement through lectures and discussionswith the cast and crew.

TEATRON’S outreach programs bring schools into the theatre for cooperative learning experiences that include learning about the Jewish experience as well as about the workings and history of theatre in general, and the Jewish theatre in particular.

TEATRON, by being a Shomer Shabbat theatre in Ontario, answers another unique need in our community by making theatre accessible to all Jewish theatre artists.

A note: Some of our plays may contain language or scenes that may offend some. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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